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I’m the ghost with the most.

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I’m full of regret

Fuck it, -whoop.

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Anonymous asked:
Describe a time you weren't angry, upset, feeling down, or betrayed (etc).

Hmn, well, I do recall a specific day. Though not fluidly it comes back in pieces like a puzzle, or scattered parts of a movie.

San Francisco. The air was cold, damp, and familiar. Thick fog wrapped around the air on the high hills of the city. I was there with three other people, two which I knew for such a long time  (K, & S) and one I knew through the other two. (R) 

One part I recall was when K & S stopped to visit a family member. On the car ride there I sat back to myself in the back seat, R sitting beside me and suddenly they disturbed me from whatever I was trying to distract myself with. They handed me their I-pod and insisted I listen to this song. From the moment I put the ear buds in, that specific moment was peculiar for me because it was as if  in that moment time itself stood still. We were riding along on a hill, and the beach off to the side and far below us. The scenery I suppose it what I enjoyed the most. It was lightly raining, and the fog was thick. I remember seeing someone hang gliding and had a thought that I would do that myself soon. I processed all the words, as if mesmerized and when it was over it was as if everything sort of came crashing down around me - and time resumed.

As we got to their relatives house I stepped outside to have a smoke, and to keep to myself, but R caught me. Dammit, it seemed like I would never have a chance to catch my breath. So they ended up walking the hill which the house was on beside me. Along the way we discussed ideas, points of view on things, and what we thought we’d be doing in the future. At times I thought this person to be annoying, some of their ideas immature, but keeping an open mind when speaking with them was enlightening.
It didn’t take long, or at least it didn’t seem it, for the sun to slowly extinguish and for it to turn to night. We stayed outside the entire visit. The long conversations we had were thought provoking, even the parts I thought were childish at the time, but I now can relate to. 
The streetlights came on and night had fallen by now. While I was rambling on about something I seen R messing with the car that was parked infront of house and when I looked to see what they were doing I seen writing. It was in German, which I had happened to be studying at the time and knew what it said. I asked what it meant, to which they said nothing and laughed before wiping the words away. It read- “I love you.”

Afterwards we left and all had dinner at this wonderful restaurant which fantastic view of the beach, I suppose it was the lighting that made it memorable. I remember the music, the sound of laughter, wine glasses  clinking together. It was, different. Nice.

At the end of the evening, driving home I was tired. Leaning against the window, watching the city lights pass by with nothing but a blur. It took a moment for me to process what had happened next. I felt a had on my wrist and light touches on my forearm. I was confused really. R had written on my arm which appeared to be highlighter because I couldn’t make a single word out. First my thought was "where the fuck did that highlighter/marker come from? What the fuck did you write on my arm, WHY are you writing on my arm." until I realized what arm it was. As soon as their finger reached a seemingly endless vertical scar, I woke up becoming alert enough to take my arm back.

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That may have stung a little.

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favourite character meme - favourite character

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Intimacy is not who you let touch you. Intimacy is who you text at 3am about your dreams and fears. Intimacy is giving someone your attention, when ten other people are asking for it. Intimacy is the person always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are.

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